Wanna One’s Go to Restaurant – “401 Butcher”

Last week, I took a trip down to Busan and I decided to visit one of Wanna One’s go to restaurant!

It’s a Jeju pork restaurant right by Haeoundae beach.

This is how it looks like inside the restaurant. Even early in the day, the place was crowded. As you can see, the pork heaven has round tables throughout.

And here’s what you will see on the menu… *Drooling*

And of course, just like any other restaurants in Korea, lots and lots of side dishes!

Can’t leave out the drinks!! So-Maek is the way to go. So-Maek = Soju + Maekju(Beer) Mastering the art of So-Maek
Pork + Soju on a rainy day is a killer ❤❤❤

Flower pork belly: Ggot Samgyup 400g(꽃삼겹) ₩30,000

 My favorite thing about 401 Butcher is that the workers cook and cut the pork for you! 

They cook it even when they’re busy!

Here’s a well cooked and cut pork belly~ Wasabi and seasoning soybean paste on top!
Try it with the restaurant’s special fish sauce!
With green onion… So many ways to eat it!
Seriously.. The flower shaped pork belly is amazing here..!

Next up is thick cut bacon: Ogyeopsal 150g(오겹살) ₩12,000

Can’t get enough with Jeju pork!!

Can’t stop thinking about the pork here..

You HAVE to try this place if you’re around Busan.

Even Wanna One stopped by the restaurant and fell in love!

The place is actually owned by HaHa and Kim Jong Kook, so you may run into celebrities if you get lucky!

Definitely recommend this place!

Address is below:

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