The 5 BEST Cafes in Seoul to Instagram

When you’re traveling around Seoul, you CAN NOT leave out the beautiful cafes.


Below, I have listed the top “Instagram-Worthy” cafes in Seoul for you SNS addicts.

1) 러빈허 플라워카페 (Lovin' her Flower Cafe)


No.1 Flower Cafe in Seoul”

Address:22, Sinchon-ro 6-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Lovin her’ is a famous flower cafe which has beautiful flower shaped deserts, and photo zones where you can take pictures with flowers. 

Flower Latte, Strawberry Smoothie, Butter Cream Flower Cake are one of its popular menus!

2) 빔밤 (Beam Balm)

“Sentimental cafe recommended by local Instagrammers”

Address: 21, Wausan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul


Beam Balm is a moody cafe located near Sangsu station in Hongdae where you will find beautiful backgrounds to take picture in.


Beam Balm has beautiful interior and is well known for its sentimental mood.


Beam Balm’s Einspanner, Grapefruit Ade, Marshmallow Hot Choco, Orange Latte are some of the notable menus to post on Instagram.

3) 블룸스토리 (Bloom Story)

“Red Rose Cafe”

Address: 2F 42, Donggyo-ro 46-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul 



Bloom Story is a cafe is full of red and white roses so you can take beautiful selfies at any location of the cafe.


It is famous for its beautiful interior, which looks like it’s in a forest garden, because it is decorated with numerous rose vines, green plants, and lights.

Real fruit toast, strawberry scone and cream cheese cup toast are the most popular desserts.

Fruit toast is delicious and full of cream cheese, strawberry, blueberry, banana and other fruits on top of cooked bread.

4) 씨스루 (C.Through Cafe)

“A cafe famous for its godly creamy art” (Also handsome barista)

Address: 37, Noksapyeong-daero 40na-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul


This cafe is famous for cream art. This is the place to go to if you like cute things.

Known for a handsome barista that draws art on top of the coffee, not only famous amongst locals, but also from foreigners as well.

Can you believe this cream art?!

Many more types of art are updated every month.


“Secret cafe in Seoul Station”

Address: 24, Mallijae-ro 37-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul


MUST GO cafe in Seoul. (I’m definitely going back) 


Strangely, Hyunsangso doesn’t have a signboard. So it’s a hidden cafe only visited by people who hear rumors about the place.


One of very few cafes in Seoul that is ‘spacious’, you can enjoy leisure time in a leisurely space..


Also, calm and subtle jazz songs


Makes you feel like you’re having a sip of espresso in back in 90s in a cafe in Paris.

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