BTS and Yoojung Sikdang

Hi, so today’s post Will be my second post about BTS!

Being a huge fan, I decided to visit a place that made

me feel the presence of BTS!

Ta da~

Guess where this is?!

ARMYs should know where this special place is.

The place is called “Yoojung Sikdang” and this was actually one of BTS’s go-to restaurants

During their trainee days before debut. After they had long hours of practice, they would visit this place to have a nice “home-cooked” meals.

During an interview on BTS’s reality show “Rookie King”, the members visited the restaurant and expressed their love for the place and its owner who treated the members as if they were her own sons.

Suga expresses love for this restaurant saying “The food tasted like my mom’s home-cooked meals”

The owner of the restaurant added “I love BTS like they are my own children. They are well mannered and kind. I can tell they will be very successful!”

Boy was she right.. ha!

I always wanted to visit but never had the opportunity.

And just last week, I had the chance to visit with a friend.

It was very exciting!

On our way out from the subway, we had BTS greeting us~!

They were literally everywhere.. hahaha!

And finally… We made it!!!

You can see the boys’ autographs on the glass door!

Wish I could take them with me…

And inside the restaurant is a BTS heaven……..

My eyes were so busy scanning everything in the room!

Pictures of BTS were literally everywhere…!

Honestly, if you are an ARMY, you will definitely enjoy your visit here.

And for my meal…

I ordered “흑돼지 돌솥비빔밥” or “Black Pig Stone Pot Bibimbap”

You can never go wrong with a Stone Pot Bibimbap in Korea!

And also…. it’s one of Suga’s favorite menus here~

Food was very delicious and surprisingly, very reasonable!

You’d think that since so many ARMYs come and visit to eat here,

price would be expensive! But that wasn’t the case.

And although it was very busy here, the owner was very kind and welcoming.

It was a very special experience for me and I highly recommend you visit if you are a fan of BTS and around the area!

Try to come on weekdays, weekends are really busy!

Address is below:

14, Dosan-daero 28-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

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