BTS Exhibition: Five Always

Hi guys!

As promised, today’s post will be about BTS!

My friend (Spring) took a day off to go see the BTS Exhibition!

Shoutout to my friend Spring for sharing these pictures!

Exhibition starts from August 25th 2018 ~ October 28th 2018.

For those of you still around in Seoul, you still have time!

I highly recommend you visit if you are a BTS fan!

You can purchase the ticket in the link below:

I won’t spoil the experience by sharing all the pictures! Just giving you guys a taste of what you’ll see here.

Lyrics from BTS’s Whalien 52. One of my favorites, listen to it if you haven’t!

These lyrics in neon signs are so cool..

More lyrics on wall!

Here are goofy scribbles that BTS did in a … bathroom? hahaha

They are so cute.. and surprisingly good!

Masks from “Fake Love” very cool…

Mirror room full with lyrics on them!

My friend had a difficult time taking pictures without her face showing! hahaha

And there are so many more things to do here!

Lots of hands on experience space for the fans!

As I said at the top, there are much more pictures, but I wanted to avoid spoiling the experience for those of you who are planning on visiting!

It’s a huge place and so much to see and experience!

Go visit if you have the chance!

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2 thoughts on “BTS Exhibition: Five Always

    1. Most Koreans are able to speak a little English so it’s easy to get around here!
      Also, Koreans are super friendly to foreigners so don’t worry if you get lost!

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