Sindorim Station, D-Cube Park, and BTS

Hi guys,

Today I’m going to write about one of my favorite places in Seoul!

D-Cube Park! It’s named after D-Cube City,  (Hyundai mall) right next to the park.

It’s located right outside of Sindorim station!

Those of you living in Seoul should know

Sindorim station is one of the most crowded stations in Seoul!

It’s not fun being in the middle of that..

So to get to the park, you come out of Sindorim station exit 1.

Walk up the stairs……

And you’re in the park!

You’ll be able to see D-Cube City Mall on your right side!

And then this is where the real fun walk starts! You walk up these stairs…

And you see this beautiful tunnel like area.

On the right, there are a bunch of benches

where all the couples are sitting together~

I didn’t take pictures of them because they were already looking at me like I was stalking them! hahaha

So you go through the tunnel and you’ll find this on your right..

It’s a coal separator! I actually have no idea what this is..

(I thought it was a canon)

I find it very random that they have these “Coal Separators” in a park hahaha.

Past these canons… You’ll see….

This giant hookah looking sculpture…!

Very cool looking, but what is a hookah doing here?

You can see how big this thing is if you compare it with a full size bus on the left!

Keep walking and you’ll see the “D-Cube Park” sign by the compass looking thing!

Another entrance to the Sindorim station

What I really love about this park is how bright it is!

It’s really cool how there is a park in the middle of a busy city.

Busy streets of Seoul right next to the park!

You can even find these strange exercise machines in the park!

I don’t know why they have so much random sculptures, but it’s actually really cool when you see them in person! Especially when it’s dark!

It’s a really cool park that sits in the middle of a busy city.

Seoul can feel really crowded and stuffy at times.

When I’m feeling like that, I like to go for walks and D-Cube Park is one of my favorites. It’s very nice and relaxing.

People come here with a bag of beer and chill with their friends. You’re going to see that it’s actually much bigger than how my pictures are portrayed.

Come take a walk next time you’re around the area!

It’s a fantastic place for walks.

And just when I thought that my walk was over..

Look what I ran into on my way to the bathroom in D-Cube City!

Encounter with BTS!

or BTS coffee vending machine!!

I’m a huge fan and it was a pleasant surprise seeing them here!

Although I didn’t need caffeine at night, I had to buy one!

BTS Cold Brew!

I choose you, Jin!

Although not a coffee fan, it was highly satisfying!

BTS fans will love this! hahaha

Sorry if you were misled by the BTS title!

I am planning on making my next post about my trip to the BTS exhibition

so see you then~!

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