Pojangmacha. Soju Tents. As seen on Korean Dramas

Pojangmacha, or “soju tents” is a small tented spot in the streets of Korea

that Koreans go to have food/alcohol.

Another must visits in Korea!

They look something like this.

The Korea Tourism Organization describes them as

“The place for common folk and ‘salarymen’ to go to relieve the stresses of life”

Inside these tents, you’ll find people sitting in groups huddled around

heaters, escaping from the cold outside.

Some of Soju tents’ iconic food are chicken gizzards, steamed squid or fresh fish, Odeng

and of course… SOJU

These are some of the food that goes best with soju!

Some of may have seen soju tents on Korean television dramas.

They are well known for cheap food (some costly) and lively atmosphere.

This is where you would go to with your friends or family to hang out

and have a deep conversation over a glass of soju.

Famous scenes in a soju tent from the Korean drama,

“Guardian : The Lonely and Great God” and “Another Miss Oh”!

Most are opened at night and they are easy to locate because they are pretty much everywhere. In Seoul at least.

They are definitely something special and a good place to escape your daily life.

You’ll see that these tents have their own atmosphere.

Give soju tents a try next time you find yourself wandering around in Seoul at night!

Be sure to bring cash with you as they usually don’t take credit cards!

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