Don’t feel like going out for food? Get them delivered! Food Delivery in Seoul.

Food delivery..

Can’t live without them here!!

In Korea, you can pretty much get ANY food delivered to you.

From pizza, McDonald’s chicken, donuts, lunch boxes, sushi, coffee, Ice cream..

You name it!

And the best part is, they’re super fast as well.

It’s actually amazing how quickly the food arrives in front of your doors.

You can thanks these delivery guys on motorcycles.

The whole process is simple and easy.

You either call a restaurant nearby or use an application on your smartphone to order.

Then the delivery guy shows up with your food!

Korea has a neat application for your food delivery.

It uses GPS to locate restaurants near you and you can choose from menu, ranking, reviews, etc.

You can also save your credit card information to make direct payment from your phone!

It isn’t costly either.

Some places charge like a dollar or two and most do not have a delivery fee.

Korea also doesn’t tip for service, so no tipping the delivery man.. (They get paid separately)

I like to get my food delivered when I’m feeling too lazy to go out..

lazy to cook… lazy to do.. anything.

It really is a convenient experience!

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