Pc Bang : Must Visit in Seoul

One of the places that you must visit in Korea is PC BANG.

Pc Bang, or Pc Room is a room full of high end computers where

people from all different ages come to play computer games.

It is a popular place to meet up with your friends and play online games.

Like a lot of places in Korea, Pc Bangs are usually opened 24/7.

You can pretty much stay as long as you want playing games!

Typical cost of staying at a Pc Bang ranges from 500 won to 1500 KRW ($1 an hour)

It is extremely cheap and a great place to spend the time with your friends or by yourself.

You’ll sometimes find people that actually live there as well..

Pc Bangs pretty much have everything that a person needs to live there.

It has nice computers, comfty chairs, food, bathroom, etc.

It’s surprising how far Pc Bangs evolved.

Most Pc Bangs have this luxurious image.

Pc Bangs provide high end computers so that users can play high end video games.

Of course, Korea having one of the fastest internet speed in the world

I always feel like I’m in the future when I visit these rooms.

Just look at the food they serve!

You can order your food straight from your computer

and they will serve the food in your seat. How convenient! (Not for the workers)

24 hour Pc Bangs are definitely a huge positive for me.

Although I don’t enjoy playing games, I sometimes visit Pc Bangs

when I’m out late at night and subways and buses aren’t running anymore.

I stay at Pc Bangs until the first subways start to run again. (Since they’re so cheap)

Go spend the night at Pc Bang instead of lying there like that!

Playing computer games with your friends help pass time

and it’s a good way to relieve stress.

What’s great about Pc Bangs are that you can find them pretty much anywhere in Seoul!

Next time when you’re in Korea and you are looking for a place to kill time,

I recommend giving Pc Bang a try!

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