Should I Be Scared of North Korea?

Hi guys. Today, I want to talk about North Korea.

I often receive questions from my friends asking :

“Is it safe to live in South Korea?”
“Should I be scared of North Korea?”

I can see why people ask me this.

Because currently, South Korea is still “technically” at war with North Korea.

And until recently, North Korea has been making subtle threats and unnecessary provocations..

So does that mean you should be afraid of a nuclear war?

My answer is no.

Frankly, almost everyone living in South Korea will tell you that it is completely safe.

We’re actually very nonchalant and are not concerned about the war.

Even with nuclear threats and war, everyone’s just live continues as usual.

In fact, Koreans are humored by the fact that everyone elsewhere in the world are worried.

Receiving constant threat from the North, Koreans have grown somewhat immune to the threat.

If you are having second thoughts about visiting South Korea because of the risk of North Korea, I can tell you that although “technically” at war, South Korea is one of the safest places to visit.

Don’t let Kim Jong Eun stop you from visiting!

Comment me for any questions you have!

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