Best Places to go Shopping in Seoul

Whether you’re visiting Korea for tourism or here on a business trip,
You HAVE to go shopping in Seoul.

It’s disappointing if your schedule is too busy and you don’t have time to go shopping.

Personally, it doesn’t feel like a solid trip until you’ve done your money spending!

So I often emphasize to my friends the importance of shopping in Seoul and some places you MUST visit here in Seoul.

Today I’ll be sharing my favorite places to shop in Seoul!

1. Dongdaemun Market & DDP

Dongdaemun Market is a place where foreign tourists from all over the world visit.

When you arrive at Dongdaemun, you will find yourself admiring the shopping buildings around you.

The Dongdaemun shopping town especially looks very cool when neon signs are on display during the night.

And recently, the new DDP building has attracted more people to Dongdaemun.

Many people go to Dongdaemun for the colorful Korean fashion towns and to buy fashion accessories and cosmetics.

Young female foreigners LOVE to shop here.

The DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza), newly opened in 2015, is the new landmark of Dongdaemun Shopping Town.

Many people think of it as a shopping center, but it is actually a city park!

Inside the building is a convention center, art gallery, an idea product shop and a dining room where events are held.

In the center of the space-shaped building is a cool looking park with open outdoor parks and sculptures.

Please go and treat yourself in Dongdaemun.

You’ll find yourself shopping and bargaining!

2. Gwangjang Market (Traditional Korean Market)

The attractive point of this market is the atmosphere that shows the lives of Koreans.

This is a market where you’ll feel the warmth of people and their kindness.

Which is why foreigners love it here. There are many souvenir shops for tourists, so if you’re looking to take back souvenir when you go home, this is the place!

In addition, the market is also a good place to enjoy Korean traditional snacks.

3. Myeongdong, the Hub of Shopping

Myeong-dong, located in the heart of Seoul, is a favorite for both guys and girls.

The street food that appeared last 5 ~ 6 years have become a symbol of Myeongdong and it is a place where you can shop and eat all at once.

Cosmetics shop is flooded here due to the influence of the Korean wave.

These shops are already well known to the tourists, especially Latin American tourists.

Myeongdong is like heaven for these tourists.

It’s a different feel from the traditional market and filled with cool things on the left side of the street and shows a different reaction from Gwangjang market.

4. Insadong, Place to Meet Korean Tradition

Insadong, which is filled with Korean handicraft shops, is a fun place to buy and just look around.

Although the price is higher than other markets, there are those who appreciates the high quality crafts inside the shop.

You’re not going to find places like this where Korean ceramics, Hanji crafts, and traditional dolls are displayed beautifully.

Here, you can enjoy Korean traditional food in a modern looking restaurant as well.

There you have it. So many more places to shop in Seoul, but I didn’t list them because… there are way too many!

If you’re looking for….

Traditional Korean shops: Insadong 

Cosmetics: Myungdong

Fashion items: Dongdaemun

Food: Gwangjang Market

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