South Korea : The Plastic Surgery Capital of the World


Living in Korea, you’ll see that plastic surgery is integrated into daily life.

You’ll come across many advertisements in subway stations, buses, and streets.

(Plastic Surgery advertisements in subway)

(Plastic Surgery advertisements in buses)

In fact, plastic surgery is given as a form of gift from parents to their children after they finish their national college entrance exams or after high school graduation.

There are also people looking for jobs that get plastic surgery to improve their chance at finding jobs.

Many Koreans consider outlook appearance to be a powerful tool and used as an advantagage in the job market.

(Since Korean resume requires your photo)

(Plastic surgery promotions for students who finished their college entrance exams)

(Example of a standard Korean resume)

So it doesn’t come as a surprise seeing all these ads around Seoul for plastic surgery.

And this means that South Korea has an immense plastic surgery market.

According to International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons,

it is reported that 20 percent of women in South Korea have received plastic/cosmetic surgery.

Plastic surgery tourism plays a big role in South Korea’s medical tourism as well.

According to New York Times, a fifth of medical tourists visit South Korea for plastic surgery tourism and expects upwards of a million annual medical tourists by 2020.

With the rise of the market, the number of plastic surgery businesses have been continuing to grow.

However, that does not mean that all of these clinics are operating legally.

There are concerns of illegal brokers who bring foreign patients to clinics that are not licensed to operate on foreigners.

That is why you have to do your research before deciding to visit a clinic to get your surgeries done!

I happen to be well connected in this industry, so if you have questions or interested, feel free to comment or send me an email at

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I can connect you with the best clinics in South Korea!

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