Convenience Stores in Korea

One of the best things about Korea :

24 HOUR Convenience Stores!

Back in America, all we had were gas stations and pharmacies to buy snacks / drinks.

You would have to walk a long distance or drive just to get yourself a drink.

Here in Korea, you can find convenience stores just about anywhere!

Convenience stores are so packed here.

You can find one within 5 minutes of walking distance.

What’s so great about the convenience store is that..

You can find just about anything here.

From home supplies ~ drinks ~ alcohol ~ food ~ and even underwear!

Different types of microwavable sausages and chicken breasts.

These go best with beer!

Instant rice and instant cup ramyun!

Can’t live without them here.

I usually have them when I need to grab food real quick or when I just feel lazy.

So many different kinds of sojus……

Ever since the fruit flavored sojus came out,

Korea has been testing different kinds of alcohol in the market.

There are much much more types of alcohol in conveniences stores.

(This store didn’t have so much)

and Chicken! So that you can have Chimaek! (Chicken + Beer)

These are great to have when you’re short on time. Or when you’re too lazy to cook.

These lunchboxes have short expiry date, so you know they’re always fresh!

Triagle Kimbap! So many different flavors.. I got Salmon Mayonnaise and Spam Kimchi Mayonnaise.

These goes the best with cup ramyuns.

Convenience stores may be a bit more costly than traditional markets.

But its convenient locations and 24/7 times make convenience stores a popular place to go to get things real quickly.

If you visit Korea, you are going to find yourself in these stores very very often!

Comment me for any questions you have!

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